Beware of Misleading Locksmith Prices

When you call The Lock Doctor you are going to get an firm and acurrate quote for our locksmith services. Most of our services are priced at a flat rate. 

Unfortunately that is not always the case with some other companies.  Some companies will mislead you with a teaser rate, then after the work is complete, hit you with an inflated price for there service.  They will claim something was unusual about the circumstances of your call.

If it sounds to good to be true IT IS!

The other day I was checking to see if my website and paid ads on Google were showing up on the first page of results.  In the very first advertised misleading locksmith adposition I saw a locksmith advertising service for $15(substantially below a normal market rate).  I called the number and spoke with an operator. I asked her how much is was to unlock a car. She very quickly said $15 for the service call and $39 and up for the service.  I asked her to give me a firm price to unlock a specific vehicle, but she wouldn't. She stuck to the same script of $15 plus $39 and up. 

If you were to use a company like this, you would most likely get ripped off.  Beware and only use a licensed locksmith.


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