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It's happened to almost everyone at one time or another(or will happen). You close the door and at the last moment realized you forgot your keys, but it is too late.locked out of house

If this happens to you don't take matters into your own hands. It was relatively easy to break into the cars and locks of yesteryear. Those days are gone.

When you find yourself in this situation, let us rescue you. Amateur attemps will most likely do more damage than good.

"Auto lockouts require special skills and tools

If you've seen a car unlock performed with a help of a coat hanger or a simple metal ruler in an old movie, nowadays it has nothing to do with reality.

The locks installed in cars during the last two decades have become more complex and statistics have it that damage is the only result one can expect when using these primitive tools to unlock a car.

locked out of carOn the other hand, the professional tools that we as licensed  and bonded locksmiths have in our possession make a car unlock an easy, harmless and an inexpensive issue. The costs one has to pay to sort out the damage caused by an amateur attempt to unlock a car with an odd tool are way higher and even if the result is a success, it will take too long.

When you need to unlock your car fast and without causing it any unnecessary damage, simply contact The Lock Doctor.

Child Lockouts are FREE!

The Lock Doctor proudly provides this Free Community Service dedicated to saving children who are inadvertently locked in vehicles.


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